• Bluebell Children's Nurseries Logo Refresh

  • What a great job to work on for the lovely Bluebell Children's Nurseries based in East Sussex. I was initially asked to help with the design of a new website, which then led onto looking at their whole identity.

    The original logo for Bluebell Children's Nurseries had become a little outdated though it had elements within the logo that worked well. The use of bluebell flowers and how they incorporated into the B of Bluebell had a clear identity and the font had the feel of a children's nursery. Bluebell Children's Nurseries also didn't want the logo to change too much but wanted it refreshed and updated. It was very important to make sure the logo looked like a children's nursery rather than a plant nursery. Obvious why there could be some confusion!

    I began with removing the oval which surrounded the name. This was probably the biggest element that made the logo feel outdated. Also somehow, it made the logo feel floral and a bit like plant nursery logo.

    Next I redrew the letters so instead of being at an angle, are now horizontal, meaning that Children's Nurseries sub copy could sit more comfortably and neatly under Bluebell. All the letters have become slightly thicker and cleaner, making them clearer to read.

    I also took the highlights out of the bluebell flowers to make them clearer, more defined and more modern. When a logo is shown small, detail can get lost and the highlights didn't add anything to the logo. The shape of the bluebells is enough to see what type of flower it is. It's also important that a logo works on a small scale, such as for business cards, is clear to read so small detail isn't lost. A logo also needs to work on a large scale, such as for signage without looking too cumbersome and again clear to read.

    Next all importantly, injecting some colour! The colour scheme came from the design of the website which uses large blocks of colour to separate the different sections of the website. Also, there are 3 Bluebell Children's Nurseries, so each nursery has it's own colour, with the purple being the constant. Colour in the logo helps to create a lighter, brighter and creative feel, whilst the solid formation of the letters keep a strong structure. Logos do also benefit from being able to work in one colour, that is a test of their clarity. Bluebell Children's Nurseries can work easily in one colour, in the purple or in white.

    So, a logo can be redesigned and tweaked to refresh and update your identity. A bit like a spring clean.

    The website. This is being built by www.barkweb.co.uk and hopefully will go live soon. It was Barkweb who originally introduced me to Bluebell Children's Nurseries so thank you to them! Pictures to follow.

    From the redesign of the logo and new website design, I have also designed business cards, flyers and a 'daily feedback form' for Bluebell Children's Nurseries. All follow the same style, creating a strong and colourful identity. 

    See all the Bluebell Children's Nurseries designs on my portfolio page http://www.amandaripleydesign.co.uk/portfolio/bluebellchildrensnurseries

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