• I do like to design beside the seaside

  • I do like to design beside the seaside, oh I do like to design beside the sea...I hope the song is firmly buzzing around your head with images of fish and chips, buckets and spades and bright pink sticks of rock.

    It's good to refresh a brand from time to time and I decided to do just that with my own brand identity. It's quite hard to brief yourself so like a lot of ideas, they slowly evolve until you go, yes, that's just right!

    I decided to make more of a strapline I came up with a while ago which I use frequently, 'I do like to design beside the seaside'. I am a seaside girl born and bred in Eastbourne, East Sussex so the seaside is very much part of my identity.

    In the past I did as a personal project creating a graphic art image of Eastbourne pier with a deckchair on the beach, as I love graphic art and old railway posters. It's a type of art I really want to do more of, when I get time (haha). This also led to me creating another pier image for Club Class Insurance to use on their website and flyer. I love the deckchair and have made more of using it on my business card and email sign off (I must find time to just chill in a deckchair more eating those salty fish and chips). I updated my brand colours and changed the stripes to match the new colours. The pink is a new shade and I changed the green to blue (much more seasidey) with a bit of yellow as a third colour. Key colours are pink and blue. Think sticks of rock and the sea, plus lovely yellow sand to make sand castles.

    I updated my AR icon to be a straight sans serif font and a chunky outline in pink and blue rather than a solid colour which works in white outline too.

    New business cards have been designed and I created a seaside postcard to use as flyer as a way of advertising my services. I really really really need to update the look of this website which is going to happen. I am not going to try, I am going to do it!! So, my website will still be pink but with a bit more seaside thrown in, sorry I can't actually provide the fish and chips, you'll have to treat yourselves and sit in that deckchair looking at the magnificent sea. While you're there, I'll have cod and chips with salt and vinegar...

    I do like to design beside the seaside. 






      • Creative graphic design for you and your business to sparkle, from Eastbourne, Sussex by the Sea.

        I design logos, business cards, stationery, brochures, leaflets, flyers, postcards, invitations, adverts, banners, signage, posters, calendars, infographics and icons, packaging, plus artwork, image retouching, anything that requires designing.

        I do like to design beside the seaside.

        You can get in touch at amanda@amandaripleydesign.co.uk or 07711 956169