• Bluebell Children's Nurseries - Logo, Branding, Icons, Website Design, Flyers, Business Cards

  • Bluebell Children's Nurseries is a chain of 3 nurseries in East Sussex, providing daycare for children from babies to preschool. What a great business to be involved with doing their design work.

    The website. I was initially asked by Barkweb to work on the redesign of Bluebell Children's Nurseries website. The previous site was outdated, didn't function as the client wanted it to and it wasn't promoting all the amazing facilities, activities and care the nurseries can provide. The website needed to have the feel of a children's nursery whilst looking professional and being an invaluable source of information about the nurseries. The website's main appeal needed to be directed to mums with young children. Website has been built by Barkweb and is now live. The client is really pleased with their new website! www.bluebellnurseries.co.uk

    I wanted to inject a lot of colour into the site to help define the different menu items. I created a colour palette which meant each of the 3 nurseries could be represented by their own colour, as well as the different colours being used for each menu item. I also designed an icon for each nursery so again they have their own identity whilst being part of one group, Bluebell Children's Nurseries. The icons are a barn (Bluebell Barn), a tree (Bluebell Wood) and a house on a hill (Bluebell Hill), each within a square. The inspiration for the square was a children's building block. More icons in the same block style are used throughout the site, especially on the home page to help navigate around the website. The website has greatly benefitted from beautiful photography by Lavender Blue which I have suggested is used as much as possible throughout the site.

    The logo. Bluebell Children's Nurseries logo had been in use for a while and needed a refresh. The client didn't want the logo to change too much but felt it would benefit from more colour. The colour palette created for the website has been carried through the refreshed logo. You can read more about the Bluebell Children's Nurseries logo refresh on my blog http://www.amandaripleydesign.co.uk/blogpost/bluebellchildrensnurseries

    The flyers. The next job was designing double sided A5 flyers to use a promotional tool for the children's nurseries. The flyers have followed the style of the website with lots of colour, icons and images by Lavender Blue. I designed and drew the maps for the back of the flyers, continuing in the same design style that I have created for Bluebell Children's Nurseries.

    The business cards. These have been designed by me too using the same colours, icons and fonts, so all the graphic design work for Bluebell Children's Nurseries now has a clear identity.

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