• Human Driven Business - Logo, Branding Documents, Business Cards, Business Stationery, Infographic

  • Human Driven Business aims to help people perform better in the workplace.

    As a new business starting up, a brand identity needed to be created from scratch. The logo was the first part of the brand to be designed with it's striking tree icon in the strong blue and yellow colours. This icon creates a strong and unique identity, suggesting a feeling of growth and communication and can be used alone or with the company name.

    The Human Driven Business brand has been implemented onto all aspects of the business. I have designed documents which all use the same branded design layout, as well as designing the business stationery and business cards.

    Human Driven Business required an infographic design to help demonstrate the difficulties people face within the workplace. 'What are stress or disengagement really costing UK organisations? Our infographics tell all.' Infographics often require a lot of information in a small area so fitting it all in and making the document look interesting and legible is always a challenge! The design for Human Driven Business Infographics was based on a folder filing system with tabs for the subject titles. The infographic document needed to be both in print format and also available to download on the website. You can view the documents here: https://www.humandrivenbusiness.co.uk/resource/free-uk-infographics/

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