Brook Gamble

Visual brand identity for Eastbourne estate agent Brook Gamble.

This was a design for an existing business, but with a new name, therefore this required a completely new brand identity.

The logo design came first. The logo had to be able to work in a lot of places, on the shop front signage, sale boards, business cards and business stationery, office paperwork, social media and the website, all is which have different orientations. The way to get round this is to have an adaptable logo, so the Brook Gamble logo has been designed to work in two ways, as a landscape version and a portrait version. The icon also works as a nice stand alone device.

The idea behind the Brook Gamble brand identity is to represent a partnership and moving from one house to another, hence the two houses, nicknamed the beach huts ( they are located in the seaside town of Eastbourne!). Brook Gamble also wanted a professional, classic and modern brand identity, to reflect the experience of many years being local Eastbourne estate agents.

Choosing colours in an overcrowded estate agency market was always going to be a challenge. The for sale boards are the main place people will see the Brook Gamble identity so it was very important the colours stood out against the street scene colours of browns and greens. Yellow, grey and white were chosen as the main colours. The boards use the yellow as the main background colour, with grey and white graphics, plus the use of cyan blue as an accent colour to display the 'Sold' slip, meaning the boards work well. The shop front uses the grey as the background, with yellow and white graphics, which is slightly softer on the parade of shops where Brook Gamble is located. The brand identity is both adaptable to work in different environments, but also maintains a strong and consistent identity, creating a recognisable brand.

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