Logo Design

Lovely Logo Designs and Visual Brand Identity.

I love creating logos. They are a challenge, every job is different and it is my job to interpret and create my clients vision. I have to understand the person and or business that I have designing a logo for which involves some research as well as a conversation or two with the client to get to know them and their business. It is always a thrill when I see the end result being used in practice.

I can design just a logo or I can create and design a full visual brand identity. Visual brand identity is creating the entire visual look of a business, the logo, colours, fonts, imagery and layout, ensuring there is always a consistent look. It is vital for a business to have an amazing professional visual brand identity to ensure they are creating the right message about their business. I always provide a style guide for the client and other professionals to use as a resource to refer to, protecting the visual brand identity.